Brickvention 2010 Summary


Brickvention 2010 was a spectacular event held over the weekend prior to Australia Day - 23rd – 24th January. The event was even more successful than previous years with over 70 registered AFOLs and TFOLs and over 2700 members of the public. The exponential growth in attendance numbers confirms that the Australian LEGO fan community continues to produce a high quality event.

As with all of the previous Brickvention events, the quality of the LEGO creations were outstanding. Paul Baulch’s spaceships demonstrated that BIG is best and newcomers April & Lachlan Staines were popular with their creative Star Wars diorama. Best in Show was a very tight contest between Ryan Mcnaughts’s Qantas A380 and Kevin Hall’s Castle. Ryan’s large model of a bisected A380 included moving elements and references to a number of famous airline movies. It was eventually declared Best in Show with Kevin’s castle being awarded the Second Best in Show. It should be noted that Kevin was reluctant to bring his model to Brickvention as it was only built for fun and not for display. It had to be significantly rebuilt and redesigned at short notice to actually remove it from Kevin’s house. Highlights of the castle included multiple sections that could be removed for internal viewing along with an extensive lighting system. Ryan’s Qantas A380 received some press coverage and made an appearance at Chicago’s Brickworld in June 2010. Both models have now been dismantled so the parts could be used in new projects.

The AFOL competitions on the Saturday were fiercely fought with honour and infamy at stake. The Speed Build contest was won by Ben Whytcross who managed to build an 8085 Star Wars Freeco Speeder in 11:40 mins – a clear 34 seconds ahead of his nearest rival. Regular competition winner, Aaron Amatnieks, once again proved his skill by taking out our newest competition, the Timed Sort. A very pleased Glenn Kelley won the Build-in-the-bag competition defeating some of the toughest opponents. Competitors in the first round had to build an 8193 Blue Bullet inside a plastic bag. The top 5 of the first round went on to build an 8192 Lime Racer in a bag.

The auction was an exciting event thanks to the generous support of LEGO. Much to the surprise of the Brickvention Committee, the most popular item of the day was a LEGO camera, closely followed by the Brickvention brick magnets specially printed by Tommy Armstrong.

The high number of attendees for the public day on the Sunday was a pleasant surprise. The queue went down the street and around the corner but many people said it was worth the wait. A large number of LEGO Club members were in attendance as well as a number of familiar faces from previous years. It was a delight to see the excitement of both young and old as they viewed the displays.

To see more, see our gallery.

Brickvention 2010 was more successful than the organisers could ever have expected. As a group of keen AFOLs, the have been inspired to produce an even bigger and better event for 2011. Brickvention 2011 will be at a new venue – the Melbourne Town Hall – on the weekend of 15th & 16th January. We hope to see you all there!