Brickvention 2009 Summary

Spirit of Tasmania

Australia’s LEGO® convention, Brickvention, was held over the Australia Day Weekend (23rd to 25th January 2009). The organisers declared the weekend a success with over 1000 members of the public attending the event and nearly 50 registered AFOLS. Although small by the standard of events outside of Australia, Brickvention 2009 saw a dramatic increase in the number of attendees, which is, perhaps, a reflection of the quality of event and the original creations on display.

The high standard of the LEGO® creations made it a tough decision in regards to choosing a Best in Show and Runner-up. Congratulations to Aaron Amatnieks for his return to winning design and winning Best in Show with his Eureka Tower. His creation was prominently displayed within sight of the original building and was such a success that it was on display within the actual Eureka Tower building for a number of months. Runner-up was awarded to Teunis Davey with a section of his cathedral. This design is still being completed but a portion was displayed, as part of the medieval/Castle group-build, and it was deemed worthy enough of a prize despite being unfinished.

Our Speed-Build competition was won by Glenn Kelley who managed to build a 6743 in 8 mins and 45 seconds beating his nearest rival by 6 seconds! A significant win indeed. The Build-in-Bag competition was won by Aaron Amatnieks who built the specially selected sets (still in a small bag) in record time. The auction was a huge success and the hard-to-find sets were eagerly snapped up by desperate LEGO fans keen to get their hands on new and interesting sets. Saturday evening concluded with our liveliest ever Dirty Brickster where there was much yelling as sets rapidly changed hands.

The public day on the Sunday was well attended by a range of LEGO® fans of all ages. Many visitors were familiar faces from previous years and it was exciting to see the large number of LEGO® Club members. The scale of the models fascinated all of the attendees and the younger ones enjoyed being able to build their own creations in the playroom.

Everyone had a wonderful time over the Brickvention weekend and we’re all looking forward to making the event bigger and better next year.

For some photos, see Our Gallery.